Gervonta Davis KOs Mario Barrios: Floyd Mayweather’s R10 message

Floyd Mayweather gave Davis some advice before he won the 11th round. To challenge Barrios in Atlanta, Davis, 26, moved up two weight categories, from super featherweight and lightweight. The fight was expected to be won by Tank, who had won all of his 24 previous fights (with the exception of one by knockout). Barrios didn’t understand the script for the first few rounds. Barrios was able to hold his own against Gervonta Davis in the first exchanges but he caused quite a stir when he delivered a clever right hand that landed directly on the face of Mayweather Promotions’ most famous star. Davis, a smaller man, struggled to find his range in the first half against Barrios. Gradually though, Davis started to get answers to the Barrios pressure. Davis was already showing signs of improvement when he launched a huge right hook to send Barrios to the mat in round 8. Barrios would quickly find himself back on his feet after he landed a big right hook to send Davis down to the mat in round 8. Although the champion survived, things were not looking good. Davis won the round with a 10-7 score. Barrios, to his credit, showed tremendous courage in fighting back in the ninth. Davis seemed to still have the situation under control. His promoter Mayweather was not happy after such a slow start. Before round 10, the 44-year-old legend reached Davis’ corner to inform him that he was losing on the official scorecards of Showtime. “I need your help to win 10,11, and 12!” Mayweather insisted to his protégé that he needed him to win 10,11 and 12. Floyd continued to emphasize the point, even though Davis was not happy with the news. “I have to be open with you. Is that what you expect from me? Mayweather stated, “You don’t want anyone lying to you.” You can see the exchange from above. Although Davis might not have agreed to the unofficial totals he responded well. He went out determined to make a statement, landing a series of lefts in round 10. Davis finished Barrios with a devastating left hook just one round later to win yet another world title. You can say what you like about Mayweather but his passion for boxing and the success of his fighters is hard to ignore. Davis could have had a different outcome without Mayweather’s honesty.