The most important specs to look for when you purchase your new gaming laptop or computer

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If you’ve ever purchased a laptop or a PC could have been based on recommendations from friends and online reviews or general brand recognition. While reviews and reviews is a good way to purchase an affordable, high-quality laptop or PC, if you’re looking to begin gaming on your computer or laptop in a professional quality, you’ll have to begin looking into the technical specifications available for each device.

Many of us find that the very first encounter with the vast, complicated technical specs of technology it can be confusing and overwhelming visit: It is tempting to revisit YouTube and the countless reviews posted there. Once you’ve mastered the basics of technical specifications and how they’re applied to laptops and computers and what they refer to for gaming, you’ll see that everything is more straightforward than it initially appears.

The specifications and what they are

There are several acronyms you’ll likely find in every specifications for laptops and PCs. These are:

CPU – Central Processing Unit or Central Processor Unit.

In terms of specifications for CPUs there are two distinct processors, AMD and Intel. While Intel was the most popular in this market AMD can now be considered as a superior processor. If you search for CPU, you’ll come across Core i3, I5 as well as i7 and i9 as descriptors . the greater the number, higher the performance.

GPU GPU Graphics Processing Unit (this is the video and graphics card).

Video and GPU cards are generally less complicated than CPU specifications. Integrated graphics are suitable for general computer use but they’re not adequate for the majority of kinds of gaming that require high-performance. Instead gamers should choose an individual GPU and look for Nvidia GPUs since they are considered to be the top on the market.

HD 1280×720, 1366×768 or 16:9 resolution display or 720p/768p.

HD+ Display resolution 1600×900 (16:9) resolution, or 900p.

FHD Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 in 16:9 or 1080p.

FHD offers gamers the impressive resolution of 1080p and twice the resolution of standard high definition image resolution. However, you’ll need to purchase the extra resolution.

HDDHDD – HDD- Disk Drive (this is the hard drive).

SSD – Solid State Drive.

SSHD – Solid State Hybrid Drive.

The specifications are for HDD, SSD and SSHD all relate to storage. It is necessary to choose between speed, capacity and cost because storage options will cost more. HDD is by far the most commonly used storage option that allows decent speeds of 7200rpm.

SSD however, definitely is an improvement on the performance front as well as cost. With the introduction of SSD revolutionized the market and enabled a massive leap in speed in gaming devices. Also, SSHD is essentially a combination that combines HDD as well as SSD.

FPS – Frames Per Second.

VRAM VRAM Video Random Access Memory (this is the memory employed by the video card).

RAM – Random Access Memory.

The significance of RAM is not to be undervalued. For casual gamers, it is possible to play on laptops and computers with around 4GB of RAM, however that’s quite a lot. Professional gamers should think about purchasing computers that have Between 8GB-12GB of RAM for the best performance.

The importance of your preferences in gaming

When looking through tech specifications and considering laptops, it is essential to consider the kinds of games you usually like. If you are a fan of games that require an enormous number of CPUs to accommodate their breathtaking graphics or authentic gameplay then consider this when you are looking at computers and concentrate on higher-end models.

If you prefer online games, or games with sleeker graphics, you should consider laptops and PCs that were made for daily use and not gaming in particular.

One type of gambling that could fall under this category would be online gambling which is a growing segment. A lot of gamblers and gamers are trying out online casinos and are enjoying the immersive audio and graphics that are available in slots that have jackpots. Casinos online don’t require special laptop or computer specifications, and they can be used on devices that are mobile such as tablets and mobile phones.

All of these are most essential specifications to know about and be aware of when shopping for a gaming laptop or computer. If you are looking for the best Gaming laptop is a balance between cost and performance. Gaming laptops range from $300 to $1,300+, therefore it’s going to depend on your personal gaming preferences and budget.

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